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Christopher Short, bass-baritone, is a performer, composer, arts administrator, and teaching artist from Raleigh, North Carolina. He uses music as a bridge to connect people with their surrounding community through artful storytelling in performance, localized philanthropic efforts, and educational outreach work. Christopher has performed and recorded internationally as a choral musician and soloist in a variety of operatic, concert, and oratorio performances. As a composer, Christopher collaborates with other artists to give a voice to the intricacies of our collective human experience. He also serves as an administrator with a variety of nonprofit arts organizations to make a lasting difference in communities nationwide. Specifically, as a co-founder of the ensemble Servire and nonprofit, Chamber Voices for Change, Christopher connects community members with the needs of a localized philanthropic organization through benefit concerts, music education outreach, and hands-on service. Through his work as a teaching artist, he invites students to express themselves through the power of music-making. In his free time, Christopher has a passion for cooking extravagant meals, traveling, spending time with his family, and cheering on his favorite sports teams.


Highlights from his current season include ensemble and solo performances with Servire, Three Notch’d Road, Raleigh Camerata, GRAMMY-nominated True Concord Voices and Orchestra, the Duke University Bach Cantata Series, the US VOCES8 Scholars, serving on the Emerging Professional Leadership Council for Early Music America, and working as a teaching artist across the country with the VOCES8 Foundation.



ECU News Services:

Chancellor Installation Ceremony - Commission Award

Classical Voice North Carolina:

"Christopher Short (Private Willis) has a guardsman's stolidity and, much more importantly, a very fine bass voice."

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