During his time as a student at ECU, Christopher had several premieres of his original work, including performances of his music by the ECU Chamber Singers, university musicians, and visiting guest artists. Notably, in his sophomore year, the chancellor’s office of ECU awarded Christopher a commission, which was premiered by the ECU Chamber Singers at the installation ceremony for Chancellor Cecil P. Staton. Upon graduating in May 2019, Christopher was awarded the "Outstanding Graduating Senior Award" in the area of  Music Theory, Composition, and Musicology.

In the summer of 2017, Christopher was accepted into a Film Scoring Workshop at New York University and began his journey into film scoring. In 2018, he was awarded the "Award of Excellence for Individual Achievement in Music" from the Southern Shorts Film Festival for his musical score for the short film, Deserted, directed by Denver Hollingsworth. In addition to his work with film, Christopher has collaborated with dancers on a variety of projects. He hopes to expand on his project, InterActive, which uses a variety of technologies to trigger musical sounds and effects from a dancer's movements.

Christopher has begun accepting more commissioned work and, below, you can find samples of his work as a composer, including a running list of compositions.

In Flanders Fields, performed by the men of the

ECU Chamber Singers in the spring of 2019.

Sonder, performed by Janita Lynch, Ryan Tolentino, William Alfonso, Meredith Steele, Jennifer Harrod, McKinley Baker, Andrew Howell, and Cameron Stephenson during my senior composition recital.

Drew Whitlow, Conductor.

Moonlight Lullaby, performed by Drew Whitlow, Adam Gross, Elijah Cole, William Edwards, and myself, during my senior composition recital.

List of Compositions/Recordings

Some Scores Available in the Store

Choral Works

Vocal Works


Choral Works

I Can Feel the Seasons Change – SATB w/ piano accompaniment

The Trueness of Our Love – SATB

Moonlight Lullaby – TTBB

The Thinker and the Seeker – SATB

In Flanders Fields – TTBB


Vocal Works

Gone – Soprano, piano

Beatitudes – soprano, soprano, alto

Immortality – tenor, piano, violin

Waves – flute, soprano, piano, cello

It Will Not Change – soprano, violin


Instrumental Works

Sonder – flute, clarinet, bassoon, horn, violin, violin, viola, cello

  1. Mångata

  2. Psithurism

  3. Lagom

  4. Cafuné

  5. Meraki

As the Waves Come In – piano

In Her Eyes – piano, cello/violin


Electronic Works

Flint InterActive – dancers, Max MSP

Comitatus Humanus – fixed media

Time – solo dancer, fixed media

Why Can’t You Hear Them – dancers, fixed media

Floating – dancers, fixed media


Other Works

Quantum 40320 – Max MSP

Duoshock Cortona – Max MSP, playstation controller


Film Scores

Deserted – Directed by Denver Hollingsworth

Lifeless – Directed by Dylan Smith